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Loading Gruntfile configuration from a JSON file

In this short gist we'll show you how to import data from an external json file when using Grunt task runner to build assets.

Posted 6 days ago in Gists

Grunt like a Pro

Once we start looking at the parts of our work that are both repetitive and perhaps dull, we quickly find many redundancies - task runners exist to liberate our creativity.

Posted 6 days ago in Gists

Bootstrap 4 Validation with Google Recaptcha v3

Integrate Bootstrap 4 Javascript validation with the new Google Recaptcha v3 - using the Invisible option for low user-friction and high levels of security and source validation.

Posted 2 weeks ago in Gists

Bootstrap Breakpoint Helper

We love Bootstrap, it's one of the base components of the Q Plugin, which is to say that it's a core part of every WordPress Application that we build.

Posted 4 weeks ago in Gists

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