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A participant signed into the Greenheartclub website through the Adage database. However, the name, birthdate and email for that user’s profile was incorrect. CCIGH staff tried to update the user’s information, but received an error message when trying to change the email indicating that the user’s email was already registered. However, the email could not be located. A staff member then deleted the old account and tried to create a new account for this user, but when trying to activate the new account received an error message that read, “That email is already registered.” However, this email cannot be located in the backend.

Can you see if you can locate this user’s email in the database? In the past when too many attempts have been made to create or register a user, the user is put into a “black-hole” and I’m wondering if this is the case with this user – Also, in the Adage database, when emulating an LC account, there is a greenheart icon next to this user’s name, which indicates she has successfully registered to GCI. But under the user’s actual account in the database, there is still the prompt to Join the Greenheart Club. I understand this issues is sorta confusing, so we can discuss more when we meet on Tuesday.

  • Ray
    This user is still in the GCI system, but has a status of "2" - which means inactive - this also hides the user from the admin - I can reset this to "0", but perhaps we should discuss this on Tuesday first.
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This user has been activated and should have resolved this issue.

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