GCI Member Profile + Notifications tab error

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On the GCI site, when I click on Notifications under my member profile, it looks like the widgets are not floating to the right, but instead are appearing directly below the profile. I’ll email a screenshot, but it appears to possibly be a problem with the stylesheet?

  • Ray
    Hi Nelly, please send that grab - there was a change to how notifications worked in bp 2.0 - I'll check and fix this up.
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Notifications now have their own template file, I needed to move this over from the main BP plugin and update it to the match the rest of the theme – this should be updated and working correctly now.

  • Nelly
    Sorry! Closed this out too soon. The widgets are properly aligned, but now it looks like the section headings under Notifications are off. For example, "Actions" appears above the date received instead of on the far right. Sent you a screenshot.
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