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The Export User Data WordPress Plugin seems to work well, at least for CSV format, but I don’t see a way to include users’ (hashed) passwords. I’m migrating users from one legacy WP app to a new one. Am I missing something?

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Hashed passwords can’t be retrieved – WordPress does not know what the original passwords are, as it only ever stores these one-way hashed versions – so, it’s not possible to export the original passwords ( ref: ).

If you wanted to export all users and user metadata, including hashed passwords, you might be better off exporting data directly from the database.

  • rjcord
    Essentially, I need to migrate user data from one WP database to another including the hashed passwords (datatype=VARCHAR) along with all user data, so that users don't have to reregister. Original passwords are obviously not what I'm after here. Seems a full XML export/import isn't an option either because the 2 DBs are now so widely different. Seems user_pass needs to be added to the list of standard fields like user_login, no?
  • Ray
    You could add that to the list - it will export the hashed password.. but without trying it, I expect it will fail - try it and see ( look into the plugin code, the password field is commented out ) - I'd suggest you simply get your users to reset all their passwords.
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