Event Tracking code on doc subdomain

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Can you add event tracking code to the F-1 inquiry form on the DOCS site:

Here is the code:
ga(‘send’, {
hitType: ‘event’,
eventCategory: ‘Form’,
eventAction: ‘Submit’,
eventLabel: ‘F1inquiry’

  • Ray
    We will add an admin control to allow for other pages to have custom tracking code, but would like to ask if this should be appended to the standard "pageview" tracking or replace it?
  • Nelly
    appended to the standard pageview tracking - thanks
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Best Answer

We’ve updated the template code and added a new admin panel to allow for insertion of additional GA events – you can see this in action on the staging version here:

Note that the additional events are appended to the standard GA tracking code, before the pageView event is triggered.

  • Ray
    We also ran all the required plugin updates on the Docs site in combination with this push.
  • Ray
    We also added the tracking code to the form on production - - please check the GA stats and confirm this is working as expected.
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