Email notifications not received on CAP Participant Inquiry Form

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Email notifications from the CAP Participant Inquiry Form ( are not being received by recipients specified in the notifications tab.

All recipients are active and the entries are successfully received in Gravity Forms but no email confirmation arrives to the email addresses – in the regular inbox or the “junk email” folder.

I tried two tests: when I put my email in as a notification recipient, again no notification arrived. But when I put my personal Gmail address in as a recipient, the notification worked – signaling that this may be a problem with our email server spam settings? According to Outlook, junk emails should still show in the junk folder – and this does not occur.

Any ideas? Is the plugin up to date?

  • Ray
    The fact that this works with email outside of your network shows that this is not a plugin or site problem – you need to speak to Krissy firstly to notify her and then we might need to make some updates to DNS on the domain.
  • Rosie GH
    Circling back on this – Krissy has created the account, so this is ready. Can you make this the sending address across the sites instead of the email? I think that account is still the sender from when you implemented the fix last week. Once you do this, we can move forward with the form audit. Thanks!
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