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We need a couple updates to Aesop.
-Remove the author field that shows at the top of published posts
-Remove the related posts at the bottom of published posts
-Remove the white space that is appearing between components, specifically in the parallax component

We’re beginning work on the Impact Report in the second week of January, so if these updates could be made before then, that would be AWESOME. Thanks!

  • Rosie GH
    Also: Aesop as a whole needs to be pushed to the live site so we can start prepping the Impact Report. Preferably by sometime next week, if possible :)
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We’ve pushed the template changes to staging, please take a look and let us know :


  • Rosie GH
    These changes look great! These are ready to be pushed live. One other question. Is there a way to change header fonts to be in Sanchez? Body fonts can stay as-is. Thanks!
  • Ray
    Hecho :)
  • Rosie GH
    We’ve got one addition to this: Can you change the font of the “collections” component to be Sanchez as well? Right now it’s block text that’s not really in our branding. Thanks!
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