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Filter posts by taxonomies or text search using AJAX to load results

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As the title states i have child post type and i dont want them to show except the parents post. Please who do i do this…? Thanks

  • nanak asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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Really like your plugin Search & Filter via AJAX, so simple to use.
1.Is there any way to filter the results in the form by category e.g [ajaxFilter post_type=”custom-post” category=”category1″]
2. in the search form is it possible to list all the categories and sub categories correctly as sub categories? e.g

  • Category
    • sub category
  • Category
    • Sub Category
  • matt asked 5 years ago
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I didn’t test with earlier versions but this is what it shows next to search buttons

skipping product_catskipping product_tag

It shows word skipping rather then a select box, thanks.

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about plugin Search & Filter Ajax:

I am looking for a plugin for searh routing bus (tranport public)

I only need search for “from” and “to” routes, for example,

City A, B, C – routes 4, 6, 30
City C, D, F – routes 4, 8, 20

then the route in list A and list B match is 4 and will showing in the search results

with this plugin it is possible?

thanks for support

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