Willow is a Logic~less Template Engine built for WordPress. Willow plays nicely with ACF, is quick to learn and developer-focused.


This is our first major release of the year and we’ve been in the kitchen for several month, working away over the hot stove, but now we are ready to serve up this tasty dish.

Willow is a Logic-less Template Engine, shaped from the ground-up to work with WordPress, taking full advantage of Advanced Custom Fields at its core.

The software is now out of Beta state, so is ready for use on production projects – it is already in use on this site as well as a few other small applications we have written recently.

You can take a look at the Willow Repo over on GitHub, there is also full documentation covering tags, data fetching, file set-up and advanced usage.

We will be releasing Gists and examples showing how we use Willow to speed up application development & testing in the coming weeks, as we roll-out the launch of the new Q Studio website.

Hello Willow

All Willow tags include a matching opening and closing pair, starting and ending with a curly bracket and one other internal character.

Here is a timeless classical example of how to get started with Willow:

This tag calls the PHP public method ui->hello() and Willow wraps the returned data in the passed markup HTML:

Which returns the following output from the template:

Read more about Willow Tags in the Documentation

Release Overview
Read the Release Notes
Version: 0.0.0
Read the Comments
Open on github
View the Codex


There are several areas of Willow that we plan to develop further over the next 6 months – these include:

  • ( Added in 1.6.0 )Extending the Loop tag to allow for re-usage of scope data within the same Willow
  • ( Added in 1.4.0 )Additional getter classes
  • Pre build more ACF field types, so additional controllers are not required ( currently repeaters,
    relationship and all standard fields are supported ).
  • Willow based debugging needs to be smoothed-out, with simpler activation and cleaner logging of process and output. [ Fixed in 1.6.1 ]
  • Resolve Buffering configuration for templates with large amounts of text, which is not rendered via Willows – seems to knock the template identification lookup off balance.

Currently, there are no known bugs or issues, surely this will change soon 😉

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Willow is a Logic~less Template Engine built for WordPress. Willow plays nicely with ACF, is quick to learn and developer-focused.

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