Q Support helps WordPress website owner, admins and developers to solve technical issues and configuration problems with themes, widgets & plugins by connecting them to the FREE Q Support questions and answer website and it’s community of users.

Community members assist website owners to locate and fix problems by requesting additional information, leaving comments and providing answers.

Support Process:

The Q Support Plugin has been designed to allow normal WordPress users to format and submit support requests directly from inside their own WordPress install to a specially created question and answer website, where they can receive expert help from a community of WordPress enthusiasts.

The expected support process would be for a user to submit a question from their website, track it’s progress via the in-built admin and then comment and reply to other members directly on the Q Support website – marking their question as resolved once a solution has been found.

However, users may also register and submit questions, answers and comments directly via the Q Support website – without community users, this initiative cannot survive!

In the near future design and development companies may also use the Q Support Plugin to directly and securely support their own clients – this works in the same way as open requests, except that only the dedicated agent can view and reply to their client’s questions.

Dedicated Agents may sign-up for this service in the near future for a soon to be announced annual cost.

Community Support:

Without community support the Q Support website is nothing.

The focus of this site is to build an active, relevant and accessible replacement for the wordpress.org forums, which often fail to provide either the support of feedback required by the plugin and theme developers and the people who use their products.

Users will be invited to enter and share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for WordPress with other Community members, with the aim of helping users to resolve problems on their WordPress sites.

In most cases, the people who require help – we like to call them “supportees” – do not know the exact information required to file a truly useful and descriptive support request – the technical language of the internet can be daunting!

Allowing users to easily submit and track their support requests is the first goal – the second is to allow the quick and easy transferral of relevant information about the problem the user is having – from their site, into the support environment – but without requiring the user to reduce their website security.

Dedicated Agents:

Community support is essential to most major Open Source projects – without a large number of developers and users driving the software forwards, it would most likely be too expensive to maintain and would quickly loose relevance in today’s quick moving world.

However, we understand that some support requests involve private or sensitive data and are best conducted in a secure environment between the client and the dedicated agent who maintains the website.

For this reason WordPress Support will soon be offering an option for dedicated agents to signup to use the Q Support Plugin to receive secure support requests from their clients – using the same familiar and easy interface from without WordPress.

This will be an annually charged service and will include a number of extra add-on tools – which will be exclusively available for Dedicated Agents.

The first add-on is almost ready:
Hour Tracker – a simple tool for assigning hours to clients and tracking your usage against support requests made to the WordPress Support website.