Import User Meta Data from CSV

WordPress Plugin to bulk add user Metadata from a text list in csv format ~ checking for existing usermeta data to avoid duplicate entries.

Import User Meta Data from CSV
Release Overview

Another simple plugin – branched off from a commercial project – which fulfilled a very simple requirement, to make it possible to insert extra user metadata for existing users from a CSV spreadsheet.

There are now many good quality WordPress plugins both for importing and exporting user data, something which at the time that this plugin was first written was not a part of core, and which is still lacking to some degree.

The key functionality is that you can bulk add data for one specific usermeta field for a list of users, simply by providing that data in a single csv – for example:


Once submitted, the plugin tried to match the provided user_id for each row with the users in the current site and then does a second check if the user already have the provided usermeta field – there is an optional check to not add the data to users with the given field/

In WordPress, each user can have the same usermeta multiple key times, these are stored as individual rows in the usermeta table, but returned either as a single string or array of values by core WP functions such as get_usermeta().

One last, vital option is also available – to debug the import to the screen in a very geeky and unsophisticated way!

This plugin uses up-to-date WordPress top level functions, sanitizes all input data and is also fully internationalized, ready for translations.

If your needs are for a simple, lightweight and light-on-features tool to import data to pre-existing users, this might work fine for you – but, if you require complex imports, stored settings or anything else more involved – perhaps not đŸ˜‰

For feature requests and bug reports, please use the Q Studio Support Desk.


There are currently no known bugs on WordPress, Github or on our own Support Desk, as of version 0.5.2


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