A WordPress plugin that attempts to exports all user data, meta data and BuddyPress xProfile data which is active on over 10,000 WordPress installs.

The plugin includes an option to export the users by role, registration date range, usermeta option and two export formats.

Here are the main features
  • Exports all users fields – with option to exclude these fields
  • Exports users meta fields – with an option to select each field individually
  • Exports users by role
  • Exports users by registration date range
  • Export user BuddyPress xProfile data – with an option to select each field individually
  • Export can be in csv or Excel format.

There are also a number of additional options which have been added since this plugin was first launched, mostly based on user feedback and contributions – these include:

  • An option to save, delete and load stored export options – making it quicker to re-run common exports.
  • Lots of additional options such as including BP Group Data or meta field last update dates.

This plugin is in active development and we plan to release 4 updates in 2016 – the first was pushed today.