Quinta de Sant’Ana overlooks the picturesque village of Gradil with its cobbled streets, white washed houses and hospitable inhabitants on one side and a stunning coulisse of vineyards, lined with ancient olive trees and cypresses on the south side. Twelve hectares are vineyards – it’s an ambitious and quality driven project.

The oldest part of the estate is the chapel, which dates back to 1633 and has a beautiful statue of Saint Anne and typical hand-painted ‘Azulejos’ (ceramic tiles).

The varied scope of this project presented some excellent learning opportunities and gave us the following insights into our own working processes:

  • The value of long-term client relationships is immeasurable, there are no shortcuts to the insights gained and the advantages of knowing how people are, what they want and how they work best.
  • Managing expectation is not quelling enthusiasm, it’s about putting it in context of the overall vision, converting it into a driving force and defining goals based on empirical data.
  • Sizing requirements to the available resources is critical to the sustainability of any project.