Ibizadiferente, Spain

Ibizadiferente SL. is a Dutch Real Estate agent with offices in Spain and Holland who have worked with Q Studio for almost 10 years.

Ibizadiferente, Spain

Ibizadiferente SL. is a Dutch Real Estate agent with offices in Spain and Holland who have worked with Q Studio for almost 10 years.

They are a small business, who have grown from managing a few properties to a large and exclusive portfolio including some of the most luxurious and sought-after villas in Ibiza.

Ibiza is a global island, bustling with millions of tourists every year from every corner of the globe, in order to cater both for the Dutch market and also appeal to international visitors, it was decided to present the entire website content in both English and Dutch – adding to the audience at the cost of extra complexity for the content management.

They needed a glossy tool to showcase their exceptional properties, which was slick and attractive, while at the same time easy for them to manage, as they are not our most technically-minded clients.

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As is often the case – the front and back ends of the same system required two very different approaches to create.

Ibizadifferente wanted to woo their clients, but, they have very limited in-house technical skills – so the solution had to be very approachable, technically speaking, while also providing a wide range of functionality and visualisation options.

Jeroen Roodenburg, Managing Director, trusted Q Studio to created the complete technical planning and design work – following a thorough consultation period in which we worked closely with the company to understand their data requirements and current technical skill set.

The end result is a WordPress application that saves Ibizadiferente time, presents their properties is full glossy widescreen and reaches a broad range of clients, regardless of language or device.

The goals defined in the consultancy phase make the design brief much easier to write – the clients happily reappraised their aims based on usability and the importance of legible, well written content – but of course they still wanted a visually stunning site.

Our lead design set about creating 3 different design concepts for 2 templates – for both desktop and handheld devices – we presented the designs at regular intervals to the client using the excellent invisionapp, which allowed us to collect and track comments and feedback.

After a few design revisions, we arrived at a single agreed visual concept which was to be shared between both sites – Our design team then complete all the additional templates, each of which was individually presented to the client, and designs were carefully iterated based on feedback.

Dual Themes

Q Studio uses a unique in-house solution for delivering good looking results, to all devices – forget about responsive themes or mobile-first – our Dual Theme method delivers fast loading, native feeling templates to handheld devices and full-screen lushness to desktop clients.

We initially created 3 design variations of key templates for both desktop and handheld devices, working finally on a single concept with detailed visualisations for every single templates, before 1 line of code was written.

Dual Languages

The majority of the sites we build require multi-language content management and display – we’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

These days we rely on the amazing WordPress plugin Polylang which has proven itself to be both reliable and flexible and adapted perfectly to fit the requirements of this project.

AJAX Search

Ibizadiferente list over 200 properties, so we focused from the start on developing a reliable and intuitive search engines that would allow visitors to quickly narrow down their requirements and view matching properties – the end result is an AJAX driven search engine that is accessible at all times, as an extension of the main site navigation.

WordPress Application

WordPress is an excellent application framework – it provides a clean and user-friendly interface, which anyone can understand and use – and a powerful API to allow data to be accessed and presented in almost any way imaginable – one example of this is with PDF exports:

  • PDF Export allowing clients to save full details about a property, but also allowing Ibizadiferente staff to produce brochures to take to viewings – ( we initially contributed to WP Post to PDF before forking this PDF plugin to create a robust and reliable solution )

Once we had completed 5 hours of training on the usage of the site and set-up users with carefully selected responsibilities, the client was able to take over 100% of the daily content maintenance – from creating new properties, uploading images or creating PDF brochures to enhance their property viewings with clients.

The complete support package covered everything:

  • Updates to WordPress core and plugin are staged, validated and deployed to the live site when 100% validated.
  • Updates, fixes and alterations to front-end templates.
  • Additional training on website functionality and content management.
  • Hassle-free email and web-based support – from initial report to happy conclusion.


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