Q Studio


We are an unique agency - small, agile and specialized in WordPress.

The ethos of the open-source development community are deeply ingrained in how we work – we embrace sharing and continually feel the benefits of committing our code – errors and all – to public repositories.

WordPress is central to the work that Q Studio produce, we participate fully in it’s ecosphere and contribute code and feedback to ensure it’s continual development.

  • tab : Consultoría
  • title : Consultancy
  • excerpt :

    Knowledgeable guidance ensures solid foundations.

  • content :

    We find that approaching each project with a pragmatic mixture of objectivity and enthusiasm allows us to jump into the conceptualization phase with an open mind, ready to listen to all ideas and requirements – before stepping back and analyzing the individual value of each – weighing them all up to create a balanced and broadly encompassing vision.

  • tab : Creatividad
  • title : Creatividad
  • excerpt :

    Stunning visuals and cutting-edge graphics.

  • content :

    We have a preference for clean, legible and organised layouts with clear typography, defined calls to action, controlled colour palettes and use of strong, striking photography.

  • tab : Desarrollo
  • title : Desarrollo
  • excerpt :

    Innovate, robust and creative solutions.

  • content :

    Q Studio takes a long-term technical vision, selecting current and future standards, over deprecated ones.

    We also take a wide-scale technical vision – encompassing the exploding device revolution and the question of how to deliver the message as clearly as possible to as many visitors as possible.

    Our knowledge, experience and innovative culture perfectly positions Q Studio to convert our client’s visions into reality.

  • tab : Apoyo
  • title : Apoyo
  • excerpt :

    Accountable and accessible.

  • content :

    Two key ingredients in the longevity of any product are future-proofing and maintenance – in the context of the ever evolving web, the later is the most common route.

    In order to facilitate easy and accountable ticketing, Q Studio has created two support mechanisms – our online Support Desk and a WordPress Plugin, which is installed on all our WordPress websites.

    The Support Desk ticketing website uses a question and answer format to allow users to raise issues and trace the progress of these from initial report to accepted solution – adding comments and updates as the specific issue evolves.

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