Filter WordPress Media Library items by Post

Simple plugin that allows users to filter the list of images in the WordPress Media Library by the post that they are attached to.

Filter WordPress Media Library items by Post

This is a simple plugin, built to fill a gap in the WP admin, which allows a user to see which posts have attachments ( and how many ) and to filter the list of media attachments shown to one specific post ( can be a post, page or any custom post type ).

There is only one configuration option – a filterable value for the post_types to show in the dropdown filter- here is an example usage:

\add_filter( 'q/filter_media_library_by_post/post_type', function(){ return [ 'post', 'custom_post_type' ]; });

The plugin is hosted on GitHub where it can be forked:

Screen grab of the added filter:

That’s it – happy coding 🙂

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