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Our project teams are always sized to match the required scope of the work.

The smaller scale of our agency, and the flexible ways in which we work, allow us to produce hand crafted products at lower costs, without any compromises in terms of quality.

We incorporate the best parts of the latest technology into our developments and designs, and we execute them with precision and care.

  • tab : Ray
  • title : Ray
  • role : Developer
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    Ray began writing Basic as a 7 year old, the start of a life-long connection to technology and all things digital.

    He helps to organise all the ideas into a workable plan before taking responsibility to manage the production of the designs, technical features and front-end templates.

    Ray also creates the back-end integrations and modifications to the admin, which means he’s in a perfect position to offer training and in-depth support.

  • tab : Iban
  • title : Iban
  • role : Diseñador
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    Soy un diseñador de páginas web con sede en Barcelona. Tengo más de 5 años de experiencia en diseño y gestión de proyectos interactivos, especializada en la creación de interfaces centradas en el usuario atractivas y eficaces.

  • tab : Roman
  • title : Roman
  • role : Front-end Developer
  • location : Location
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    Roman come from the Ukraine – he takes care of the front-end coding and user interface development, making our websites look and feel the way our designers intended.

    Roman has worked with Q for over two years, and has already taken part in several successful projects. He likes challenges and always tries to find elegant solutions to make the user experience better.

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